Experience in Ebony woodworking, vigorous construction methodology, use of advanced production techniques: he real “company trademarks” that have been distinguishing Celi for almost a century, a company of master craftsmen that combines the quality and values of “handcrafted” with modern industrial management systems.

Celi was born in a laboratory in Terni in 1910, and shortly after, the company specialized in the production of luxury furnishings, always maintaining a strong commitment to craftsmanship and the quality of its work.

At the center of this process, characterized by art and passion, the material plays a leading role.

A warm, living, poetic material, always respected and understood by craftsmen who know how to enhance its preciousness, durability, and quality, because wood, with its grain and its “caprices,” encapsulates the ability to become even more fascinating over time.

By combining the finest woods with contemporary materials, Celi revitalizes ancient buildings in prestigious historical reconstructions. The choice of materials and the process used are essential steps to ensure the highest level of results for their customers.