Ebony Woodwork is the ancient art of expertise and precisely working with wood. It is a fascinating field that combines the creativity and knowhow of artisans. For this reason, CELI is able to create original and high-quality objects.

Skilled craftsmen and cabinet makers shape rare and precious wood materials by combining them with more contemporary materials.

When embarking on a project, master cabinet makers not only rely on original designs but also conduct meticulous site inspections to assess the lighting and atmosphere of the spaces. These are essential characteristics in determining the tonalities to be applied during the polishing/finishing phase.

Ebony Woodwork pays attention to every detail, starting from the selection and acquisition of wood. The handcrafted finishes of each item and the final decorations are carefully chosen. A wide range of classic and contemporary shades and colors characterize each piece, according to the taste and style of each client.

The choice of materials and the treatments they undergo have always guaranteed results of the highest level.

Our collaborators, every day, begin their work exclusively with solid wood, relying on the skill of their own hands and little else. The touch of an experienced hand is essential for creating a unique and exclusive result.