Auditorium Roma

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Experience, craftsmanship and technology make Celi woodworking an important International reference point in the designing and the production of high-quality furnishings.

Over the years the precision work of the cabinet-makers has been recognized by rigorous construction methods and advanced production technologies, preserving all the values and qualities of “handmade”.


Since its foundation in 1920 the major objective of Celi is that of giving exemplary technical responses and offer advanced solutions in order to achieve excellence in any occasion so that the client can recognize himself/herself in a perfection which is never senseless vanity, but is born from a limitless love for beauty and exclusiveness.


100% Italian craftsmanship




Celi Interiors is considered synonymous of craftsmanship and professionality: as proof, several big names in the architectural world have chosen Celi for their projects. Celi has always worked with international acclaimed architects to  develop project of great installations and prestigious institutions.


The most advanced technology, woodworking and productive processes are the foundation of each design and manufacturing this way fulfilling our goal of reaching the best result in terms of efficiency and quality.

The attention to details, the choice of the materials and the process used to treat them are crucial for the conception and design of the prestigious creations of Celi.


Experience in Ebony woodworking, vigorous construction methodology, use of advanced production techniques: these are the real “company trademarks” that have been distinguishing  Celi for almost a century.

Celi is an artisan company with its master carpenters that combine the quality and value of handmade with an evergrowing customizable design complexity.

Celi has brought to light ancient building techniques, giving prestige to historic buildings, banks and courts, theatres, museums, hotels, showrooms and yachts.