Celi has constantly worked side by side with internationally renown architects in the production of great building. Parco della Musica in Rome and the prestigious institutions Banca d’Italia and Confindustria are just some of these works .

In addition to the application of the finest woods alongside contemporary materials, Celi revitalizes ancient buildings and prestigious historical construction. Celi developed projects for banks and courthouses, theatres, museums, showrooms and luxury yachts.

The industrial mass-production style of manufacturing is not part of Celi’s philosophy. This is because such methods of production do not give justice to the rare artistic qualities of wood. Only few, though highly sophisticated tools are used in the avant-garde and technologically advanced crafting of Celi product.

The constructive competence and the capacity of assisting designers in each phase of the production and brilliancy of the various components make Celi an ideal partner for high-quality creations in the interior design field.

Because of the high-level quality and to guarantee customers prestigious and luxurious furnishings, in 2016 Celi started to support The Italian Sea Group in the production of super yachts and mega yachts.