The history of Celi goes back to 1920 in a big laboratory in Terni that produces furniture and fixtures for community buildings, religious institutes and colleges.

In the community, activies go along at a slow pace typical of handmade artisan work and particular almost obsessive attention goes into details so that each piece is a jewel of perfection.

Soon the laboratory becomes a factory with more than 200 workers.

The out break of the II World War imposes a mortgage on the factory’s future which is forced to close for the whole timespan.  But at the end of the war, the strong will of those men, including some of the best shipwrights, returns to Celi and they continue working hard and following their traditional calling until the end of the 1960s.

1978 represents a turning point: infact this very year Luciano Franceschini decides to merge his company with Celi and he abandons the manufacturing of doors, windows and fixtures to exclusively dedicate himself to the production of furniture for hotels and large vessels.

Preserving the same philosophy adopted at the time of its foundation, based on expertise, the awareness of craftsmanship and on the artisan character of handmade work, Franceschini bets everything on luxury furniture created with exclusive projects and specific for every unique installation.   A courageous and avant-garde productive choice which has brought Celi to put its signature on important and prestigious international assignments requested by those searching for unique and stylish masterpieces.

In the years which follow until the beginning of the new millenium; the company finds itself collaborating with architects, engineers and world renown designers: starting from Pierluigi Spadolini which requests Celi competences for the Italian Industrial Federation building in Rome, the Palace of Justice in Torino and the Chamber of Commerce building in Florence.  Architect Renzo Piano commissions Celi for The Music Auditorium Park in Rome and Luigi Sturchio which takes advantage of the ebony craftsmanship of the firm for the realisation of the Majestic Hotel in Rome.

Since 2016, Celi has been collaborating with The Italian Sea Group in the creation of luxury yachts